Terms and Conditions

  1. https://cn.wejob.info, its owners, its holders, its operators, its subsidiaries and/or its affiliates are hereinafter collectively referred to as “wejob”. By accessing to, continuing to access to, using and/or continuing to use wejob, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of wejob.  If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of wejob, you should not access to or use any of wejob.
  1. Wejob reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify, change, suspend, discontinue or restrict: (a) users’ access to, either temporarily or permanently, wejob (or any part thereof); or (b) the whole or any portion of wejob (and the services provided therein), with or without notice. wejob shall not be liable to users or to any third party for any such modification, change, suspension, discontinuation or restriction.
  1. Wejob reserves the right at any time and from time to time to reject, decline or refuse to publish in whole or in part or to amend any advertisement with or without notice to the advertiser where in its sole opinion it considers necessary or desirable, and wejob shall not in any way be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of such non-publication or amendment as aforesaid (nor shall any refund of or deduction from the costs of the advertisement or any other compensation be granted by wejob to the advertiser in the event of such non-publication or amendment.)
  1. Wejob accepts no liability whatsoever for any omission or inaccuracy or failure of color printing in any published advertisement whether or not a proof has been supplied and whether or not such omission or inaccuracy or failure is attributable to the neglect or default of wejob, its employees, agents and contractors. Where the advertiser requires that its name and address or other information shall not be disclosed and wejob shall have been so notified by the advertiser on placement of its order wejob shall use reasonable endeavors to ensure the same but shall not be liable for any disclosure unless such disclosure is made with the express knowledge or authority of wejob.
  1. All users use wejob and any other Official Accounts, Mini Programs and websites accessed through it, entirely at their own risk. All users shall be responsible for their own communications and are responsible for the consequences of their activities on wejob. Wejob does not represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of any of the communications posted by other users or endorse any opinions expressed by users. Any reliance by users on any material posted by other users shall be at their own risk. Wejob reserves the right to expel any users and prevent their further access to wejob at any time for breaching the Terms and Conditions or violating the laws and regulations and also reserves the right to remove any material which is abusive, illegal, disruptive or inappropriate at wejob’s sole discretion without notice and/or consent whatsoever.
  1. Unless otherwise agreed by wejob in writing, full payment must be made in advance upon subscription confirmation. The advertiser shall be liable for full payment of the advertisement even if the advertisement is cancelled or terminated before the expiry date (i.e. the date on which the advertisement expires as specified on an order or relevant communication materials, or informed by wejob). Advertisements require specific placement or extra processing shall be subject to extra charges. wejob shall have the absolute right at any time to determine, adjust or vary the classification and rate of charges applicable to all advertisements placed. Published rates and charges are those set out on any order form or acknowledgement may be varied by wejob at any time without notice prior to invoicing. Quotations given by wejob shall not in any way be binding on wejob.
  1. Acceptance of an advertisement for publication does not constitute a binding commitment or any representation or warranty on wejob’s part to publish the same either at all or on any specified date or dates. wejob shall not be liable for any loss, costs or expenses incurred by non-publication (including non-publication attributable to strikes, lock-outs, mechanical or production difficulties or any other cause beyond the control of wejob) or by publication of an advertisement cancelled or publication on a date or in a position or manner materially different from that specified by the advertiser on placement of its order. wejob liability shall in case of non-publication be limited to refund of the charge of the advertisement already paid and in all other cases as aforesaid wejob shall have the option either to grant a refund of such proportion of the paid charge as shall in wejob’s sole opinion be reasonable or in lieu of such refund and at wejob absolute discretion to publish the advertisement as soon as reasonably practicable.
  1. Wejob shall use reasonable endeavors to accept orders if they are received at the location and by the time specified by wejob from time to time for that type of advertisement. All advertisement copy and artwork must be received by the latest receipt time specified by wejob which may be varied by wejob without notice and wejob shall have the right to refuse to accept any orders or to decline or refuse to publish any orders if the advertisement copy and artwork of such orders shall not have been received by wejob the latest receipt time as aforesaid nor shall wejob be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of non-publication hereunder.
  1. Late delivery of copy/artwork or non-compliance with cancellation procedures specified as aforesaid will result in forfeiture of the space booked and, in addition, wejob shall have the express right to recover from the advertiser the full cost of the advertisement or other placed.
  1. It is responsibility of the advertiser to check the correctness of an advertisement before it is repeated. Errors in the advertisement must be brought to wejob’s notice in writing on the day of publication and in any event no later than 2 working days before the next publication date. Otherwise, complaints will not be entertained.
  1. The advertiser and /or its advertising agent(s) shall indemnify and keep indemnified wejob in respect of all loss, damage, costs and expenses including legal fees arising directly or indirectly from the publication of an advertisement on instructions from the advertiser and / or its advertising agent(s). In any case where a claim is or may be made or threatened against wejob, wejob will give notice in writing to the advertiser and will take reasonable steps to consult with the advertiser before any claim is settled, defended or otherwise determined provided that a failure to consult shall not affect the advertiser’s liability hereunder.
  1. The submission of an advertisement constitutes a warranty by any member of the staff of the advertiser to wejob that it has all necessary authorities and permissions for the insertion thereof and that the advertisement or any part thereof or the publication of the advertisement does not in any way contravene, violate or constitute a breach of any laws of Hong Kong or any restrictions or prohibitions imposed by the relevant Government authorities or otherwise and the advertiser shall indemnify wejob in respect of any breach of this clause in accordance with the provisions of clause 11 hereof.
  1. Wejob shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of delaying in distribution or non-distribution due to strikes, lock-outs, typhoon, black/red rain, mechanical or technical difficulties or any other cause beyond the control of wejob. Wejob shall has its sole discretion to alter the distribution of magazines from time to time including but not limited to its distribution methods, locations, dates and time as it may think fit and practicable without notice.
  1. A volume discount will be allowed to those advertisers signing annual volume contracts on such terms and conditions as may be agreed by wejob and the relevant advertisers. Wejob reserve the final right to change the terms and conditions of this offer.
  1. The advertiser is liable at all time for payment of all advertising charges. Where a recognized advertising agent substitutes its order for that of the original advertising or requires invoices addressed to the advertising agent. Wejob shall hold the agent and the original advertiser jointly and severally liable hereunder.
  1. Any claims pursuant to these terms must be made by the advertiser in writing within 48 hours after publication on date of agreed publication to wejob and unless notice of such claims shall have been received by wejob within the time limit as aforesaid, all claims by the advertiser pursuant to the terms and conditions hereof shall be deemed to have been waived by the advertiser.